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Are you looking for Batteries for your vehicle?

Excellent battery performance is essential since it helps with the proper working of vehicles. Therefore, it is vital to check its working and whether it requires service. Are you looking for ‘car battery repairing services near me’? Mr Tyres Andover is here to end your search!

We provide exclusive car battery repair Andover, Hampshire services since we look forward to encouraging better car performance. Our technicians with years of hands-on experience ensure quality services at cost-effective rates.

What causes car battery failure?

A car battery life is usually up to 5 years. However, improper maintenance and other factors can significantly reduce this lifespan.

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Excessive corrosion
  • Faulty alternator
  • Damaged wires
  • Electrical drain, example- keeping the lights illuminated even when not required
  • Frequent short trips
  • Incorrect battery installation
  • A vehicle sitting idle for an extended period
  • Broken fuse and others

Indicators of a faulty battery:

Ignition issues

A failing battery will lead to ignition issues wherein the vehicle cannot start despite turning the key or pressing the start button. Head straight to our centre and get the battery checked with our experts if you face this issue.

Engine backfires

A weak car battery has frequent ignition issues, and fuel accumulates in the cylinders. It may ignite suddenly with greater force to cause an engine to backfire. Hence, address the problem immediately.

Illuminated check engine light

The illuminated warning light on the dashboard is an obvious sign of a battery issue which requires immediate attention.

Bloated car battery

If the battery case seems swollen, you might have to consider changing your car battery.

Dim headlights

A dying or failing battery fails to power the electric components such as headlights. Hence, dim headlights are another sign to visit a car battery expert like us!

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A car battery helps your vehicle run smoothly and supports the smooth operation of the latest operating systems like anti-theft, music system, air conditioning and many more. Our professionals at Mr Tyres Andover can diagnose all battery-related problems and promise you improved control over your car at the end of service.

We inspect all crucial battery components, including the charging system, battery fluid, wires and cables, etc. Additionally, we only use OE grade spares for car battery replacement Andover, Hampshire.

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