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Nexen Tyres

Are you looking to buy a superior mid-range tyre providing exceptional performance and durability? Our experts at Mr Tyres Andover recommend Nexen models.

We stock a wide variety of Nexen tyres Hampshire based on multiple sizes and categories. Some of the top Nexen tyre categories are:

  • Summer Tyres
  • Winter Tyres
  • All-season Tyres
  • Performance Tyres
  • 4X4 Tyres, etc.

Some of the best-selling models comprise:


The tyre has wide longitudinal grooves for enhanced hydroplaning resistance, and the wide outside Block Design provides excellent dry and wet handling at high speeds. Besides, the outside groove wall design facilitates high-speed cornering and excellent overall grip.

Roadian GTX

It is a premium all-season tyre for SUVs. The lateral grooves of Roadian GTX provide a stable driving experience, and the unique tread design enhances block stiffness and provides even wear. In addition, its Longitudinal Semi Grooves enhance grip and handling while taking turns.

Winguard Ice Plus

The multiple sipes on this tyre improve performance on snow and ice. Its unique technology helps disperse water quickly, thus ensuring a safe driving experience. The 3D 'winter concept' on the tyre shoulders provides optimal traction on snow. Winguard Ice Plus has a unique 3D kerf design that facilitates balanced grip force and enhanced stiffness within the tread block.

NFERA Primus

This tyre has three strong tread ribs for enhanced stability and handling. The 3+1 wide grooves prevent hydroplaning due to their optimum drain surface. Its 3D lateral grooves help reduce braking distance on dry and wet roads. NFERA Primus comes with a unique tread wear indicator that serves as a visual aid for assessing the tread pattern condition of the tyre.

N’blue HD Plus

This premium, eco-friendly, high-performance tyre features four longitudinal grooves for improved aquaplaning resistance. In addition, it has three stiff ribs for enhanced driving stability, and the high shoulder block and lateral grooves improve handling and cornering performance even on wet roads.

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