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Are you looking for Full Car Service Andover for your vehicle?

Are you looking for a reliable car workshop that offers full car service Andover, Hampshire?

Look no further than Mr Tyres Andover.

We provide Full car service Andover, Hampshire for all major makes and models at a competitive rate and will help you save a great deal on your car servicing expenditure.

Our experts use advanced equipment to inspect various car components to ensure all parts are in their optimal condition.

Moreover, they will provide prompt repair and replacement services if they find any underlying issue.

When to opt for Full car service Andover?

Car owners must opt for

full car servicing Andover, Hampshire

every 12,000 miles or every 12 months, whichever is earlier. These details may vary based on your car model and driving style.

What comprises our Full car servicing check?

Our Full car service Andover, Hampshire includes the following checks:

Tyre checks

Our experts will conduct a detailed inspection of your vehicle's tyres and wheels.

They will check the tread depth, tyre pressure and tyre carcass to ensure that your vehicle's tyres are in proper condition.

If the tyres have any issues, we will suggest installing a set of new tyres from our collection.

Exhaust service

A functioning exhaust helps maintain the engine performance, fuel economy and emission levels within the permissible limits.

We will inspect the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter and resonator assemblies to ensure that it is free from damage, corrosion or rust. If we find any faulty components, we will replace them with OE-grade spares with your consent.

Engine check

Our technicians will examine the radiator, spark plugs, alternator belt, timing belt and other components.

In addition, after inspecting your vehicle's coolant and engine oil levels, we will provide a top-up if necessary. Finally, we will determine the best course of action if there are any underlying damages in these areas.

In addition to these checks, our experts will also conduct the following during a full servicing:

  • Oil filter replacements
  • Clutch checks and replacements
  • Steering checks
  • Braking system checks and replacements, etc.

Want to know more?

Feel free to call us on 01264 339187.