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Are you looking for Summer Tyres for your vehicle?

Tyres are the shoes for your vehicle, keeping the rugged, outside world away from your comfort and endure a lot while driving on roads, battling against the terrain, weather, driving conditions, and many other factors. During summers, terrain and rising road temperature pose a grave threat to tyres. But, you need not worry! The extensive inventory and seasoned experts at Mr Tyres Andover cater to all summer tyre Andover, Hampshire related needs.

Reasons for tyre damage

Tyre damages are common in summers due to overheated pavements, poor maintenance, no replacements, using the wrong season tyres during summers, reckless driving while putting more pressure on the tyres, etc. Not only do damaged tyres cause a ton of harm to the car, but they also risk the inhabitants at the same time.

Features of summer car tyres:

Harder tread compound

A summer variant has a harder rubber compound comprising lesser natural rubber. It reduces damage to tread and facilitates better grip even on hot surfaces with even heat distribution, reducing the chances of a possible blowout.

This specialised tread compound also helps reduce rolling resistance and delivers improved fuel economy.

Increased tread depth

The tread depth on summer models is shallower and improves tyre-to-road contact. It further gives superior grip and manoeuvrability. The larger contact area also optimises control while cornering.

Ribs and bars on treads

Summer models have their circumference covered with unique ribs patterns. These usually run centrally. The ribs help evacuate water from the treads, reducing the risks of aquaplaning.

Popular summer tyres at Mr Tyres Andover

Some of the widely sold tyre units at our facility include:

  • Continental SportContactTM 6
  • Bridgestone Potenza RE 71R
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4
  • Pirelli P ZERO ROSSO

So, search no more for ‘summer tyres near me’ and book your new summer tyres Andover, Hampshire with us without any delay!

For detailed information, please call us on 01264 339187. You are welcome to visit our facility at Unit 5 Tower Gate Industrial Park, Andover, SP10 3BB.