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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?

Ideally, your vehicle wheels should have an even distribution of weights around the axis of rotation. However, this is not the case with imbalanced wheels. Wheel balancing Andover, Hampshire involves equalising the weight across the tyres and wheel assembly so that the car spins smoothly at high speeds. Proper wheel balancing entails stabilising the tyres, allowing for a smooth and safe ride.

Mr Tyres Andover guarantees a safe and accurate wheel balancing procedure so that the car does not compromise. Call us on 01264 339187 to find out more.

Signs of imbalanced wheels:

Juddering steering wheel

Off-balanced wheels cause judders in the car or its steering wheel. Nonetheless, the modern suspension system on vehicles nowadays makes this indication less intense. Therefore, our experts ask you to be alert and look out for this obvious symptom.

Less responsive steering wheel

If you find it difficult to steer the wheels in one direction, the wheels are probably off-balance, and it is time you visit us for wheel balancing Andover, Hampshire! Ignoring such conditions will compromise vehicle performance and drive experience, but what is worse is that it can even lead to accidents.

Increase in tread wear

Excessive tread wear is a clear sign of imbalanced wheels, and it makes the tyre more susceptible to cuts, punctures and other physical damages.

Worn out suspension parts

Bearings, shocks and springs of the suspension system get exposed to damage due to out of balance wheels. They also pressure the wheel bearings, creating loud noise while driving.

A decline in fuel economy

Off-balance wheels strain the engine, causing it to consume more fuel to function. The excessive fuel consumption makes the vehicle less fuel-efficient. It will be evident when you will get frequent fuel refills.

Our wheel balancing service

Our trained and experienced technicians can detect the tell-tale signs of wheel imbalance. Moreover, they offer quick solutions using modern technologies and cutting-edge tools.

Our service involves performing the following steps:

  • Uninstalling the tyres and placing them on the computerised wheel balancer.
  • The balancer checks each tyre and shows where the irregularities lie.
  • Our experts refer to the computer-generated readings and restore the wheel balance using weights at the rim area.

Impressive, isn’t it?

Then, delay no more!

Get in touch with our car experts to enjoy reliable wheel balancing Andover for your vehicle. Alternately, visit us at Unit 5 Tower Gate Industrial Park, Andover, SP10 3BB.

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