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Are you looking for Suspension for your vehicle?

Suspension is a mechanism in an automobile that allows your vehicle to brace bumps and uneven surfaces without damaging the car frame. That is the definition of a smooth ride! Modern-day cars use sophisticated suspension systems that make driving a pleasant experience.

But what if the suspension system succumbs to a flaw? Worry not! Mr Tyres Andover has expert staff to cater to all suspension Andover, Hampshire issues! Since the suspension system can be notorious, they know how to fix them for a smooth driving experience. Dial 01264 339187 to book your spot!

Importance of a car suspension system

A vehicle suspension system includes components, such as chassis, springs, shock absorbers and more and is significant for its functions such as:

  • It helps keep the tyres in steady contact with the surface.
  • It controls the movement of suspension and springs. The suspension springs sustain vehicle weight in all road conditions to offer a comfortable driving experience.
  • The shock absorbers reduce excessive jerks while driving in rough road conditions to ensure driving stability.
  • Tyre wear is unavoidable, but the suspension system ensures the wearing is even throughout the tyre.
  • A correctly functioning suspension renders controlled handling and braking by improving friction between tyre and road.
  • It helps maintain wheel alignment.

Warning signs of a damaged suspension system

Here are some signs that indicate a faulty vehicle suspension and needs urgent professional attention:

  • The vehicle veers to one side due to damaged shockers or sits lower than the other.
  • The steering wheel constantly drifts in one direction, and there may be vibrations too that increases with every passing day.
  • The contact surface between the tyre and the ground may not be steady. It results in balding patches on the tyre due to uneven tyre wear.
  • Uncomfortable ride with increased jerks and bumps while driving in rough road conditions is a tell-tale sign of a malfunctioning suspension system.
  • The vehicle nosedives forward while applying the brakes.
  • Greasy shock absorbers.
  • Less cornering precision.

If you stumble upon a broken or flawed suspension system, our professionals at Mr Tyres Andover are here to perform the best suspension check Andover, Hampshire.

So get set to end your search for ‘suspension check near me’ with us. Call us, or drop us a query at mrtyresandover@hotmail.co.uk.