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Are you looking for Brakes for your vehicle?

Regular maintenance of the brakes ensures the safety of people in the car while you’re driving and helps you prevent fatal accidents due to brake failure. Bring your vehicle to Mr Tyres Andover and end your search for first-class ‘brake service near me’.

Brakes repair is not a DIY-friendly activity, and hence it is necessary to connect with experienced technicians like ours to perform it. Our professionals make sure your car brakes work properly and function effectively even during emergencies.

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Causes for brake system issues

The following factors can impact the efficiency of the braking system:

  • Overloading your vehicle
  • Leakage of brake fluid
  • Frequent braking while driving through congested areas
  • Aggressive braking over a long period

Indicators to spot brake system issues

Even though complete brake failure is a rare occurrence, the slightest issue with this car part can prove life-threatening! Following are the signs you need to visit our facility for brake servicing:

  • The brake pad is soft to apply
  • Screeching noise on applying brakes at a low speed
  • You spot significant amounts of fluid around the wheels or brake pedal
  • You sense a burning smell every time you brake
  • Break application causes odd vibrations or the vehicle to wobble
  • brake warning lights on the dashboard
  • The car leans in one direction

What does our brakes servicing entail?

Our technicians inspect the following brake system components:

  • Brake pad
  • Brake pedal
  • Discs
  • Callipers
  • Rotors
  • Master cylinder

The results determine the further course of action. Our technicians can perform the following procedure with absolute ease:

Brake disc realignment

Intense heat and pressure often misalign the brake disc, affecting braking performance. Our experts know the specific angles the brake discs need to be at.

Brake pad replacement

Repairing damaged brake components can be risky. Hence, we stock only OE grade genuine spares while replacing worn-out braking system components. Brake pads are usually among the first to wear out and last around 50000 to 60000 miles before the need for replacement.

Optimising brake fluid level

The brake fluid keeps the car brakes performing in excellent condition. The master cylinder releases the brake fluid when you press the brake pedal and fuels the different parts of the braking system. With use, the fluid level becomes low and loses its viscosity. We use the manufacturer specified glycol-based products to keep all braking parts running smoothly.

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