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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?

Winters often cause vehicles to become victims to jump starter kits, defrosting engine pipelines, and other problems that may cause irreversible damage. Low temperatures may disable the engine’s full functioning capabilities, and extreme weather conditions make vehicles susceptible to breakdowns and safety hazards.

Here’s where the role of a winter check comes in!

At Mr Tyres Andover, we render thorough professional winter check Andover, Hampshire services to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly through the winter season.

A look into our winter check Andover, Hampshire:

Engine oil

It tackles the low winter temperatures. Hence, our professionals prioritise checking the car engine oil levels and will recommend a top-up if necessary.


Dying car batteries are frequent during the winter season. When the engine takes longer than usual to start, the car battery drains more power quickly. Thus, our technicians perform careful battery checks to look for leaks or corrosion in wirings. They will recommend a replacement if they find faults in the battery system.


We also ensure your car has the correct winter tyres. Our tyre experts examine the tread depth, tyre pressure, etc. If the need arises, they will replace your car tyres with superior quality products from our massive inventory, if you permit.

Light and indicators

Prevent the risks that accompany driving on dark nights, especially in extreme winter weather conditions; ensure that your vehicle’s lights and indicators (front and rear) must work optimally.

Anti-freeze and coolant

During our winter car check, we inspect and top up the anti-freeze or coolant if it is below the optimal level.

Windscreen, wiper blades & wiper fluid

Heavy rains are a common phenomenon in the UK during winters. Thus, our experts examine the wiper blades to ensure optimum road visibility. They also top up the wiper fluid, ensuring you do not run short of it when required.


These include three main components- battery, starter and alternator. Winter vehicle services Andover, Hampshire at Mr Tyres Andover will ensure these components are working optimally. We will also install OE-grade spares wherever essential if you want us to.

Therefore, look no further for ‘winter checks near me’ and visit us. Our service proves beneficial in many ways, like:

  • It will improve engine performance and help keep away sudden breakdowns.
  • Correct winter tyres bring you unmatched grip and driving comfort on snow-covered roads.
  • The fuel efficiency will also improve.

So, get your appointment for winter check Andover, Hampshire with us; dial 01264 339187 today!