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Are you looking for Major Service for your vehicle?

Regular and timely car servicing can help you increase the resale value of your car and help you cut down on hefty repair bills that you might incur due to any underlying issue.

Are you looking for a workshop that offers comprehensive Major car service Andover, Hampshire?

Visit Mr Tyres Andover without any second thoughts!

We provide comprehensive Major car service Andover, Hampshire at budget-friendly prices. Our technicians inspect several crucial components following the industry-best practices.

Our experts will decide the right course of action to fix the faults in your vehicle so you can enjoy a safe driving experience in any road condition for an extended period.

When to opt for Major servicing?

All car owners must opt for major car servicing Andover, Hampshire every 24 months or 24,000 miles (whichever is early). It will, however, depend on your car model and driving requirements.

Usually, the vital components of your vehicle tend to wear over usage and hence, a detailed inspection becomes crucial.

Major car service Andover, Hampshire at our facility includes everything covered in Interim and Full car service, with a few other checks. These are the checks covered under our major servicing:

Engine oil checks

Your engine’s old, dirty black oil is replaced with the new, clean oil, allowing your engine to run more efficiently and smoothly.

In addition, they inspect:

  • Detailed check of clutch operation
  • Inspection of drive shaft gaiters
  • Gearbox fluid check and top-up
  • Brake pad inspection
  • Inspection of the master wheel cylinder
  • Hydraulic brake system check
  • Inspection of wheel bearings
  • Steering column checks
  • Steering rack gaiters checks
  • Tailpipes check
  • Inspection of exhaust smoke
  • Inspection of the oxygen sensor

A detailed check of the catalytic converter, oxygen sensors and related exhaust components:

  • Shock absorbers springs, struts inspection etc.
  • Radiator condition checks
  • Alternator belt inspection
  • Timing belt check
  • Coolant/radiator cap seals check
  • Inspection of spark plugs and more

Besides, our Major car servicing Andover, Hampshire also includes:

  • Car fluid check
  • Complete general body check
  • Tyre and tread depth check

End your search for ‘major car servicing near me’ and visit us today at Unit 5 Towergate Industrial Park, Off Weyhill Road, Andover Andover, Hampshire, SP10 3BB.