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Are you looking for Exhausts for your vehicle?

A vehicle runs by burning engine fuel. The fuel and air burnt in the process release several toxic gases that the car exhaust system helps filter and eliminates into the atmosphere. Moreover, an optimally functioning car exhaust system is vital for superior engine performance, acceleration and fuel efficiency. It also regulates noise emission.

If you want to maintain the exhaust chamber of your vehicle in excellent condition, do not hesitate to bring us your car at Mr Tyres Andover. Our experts are adept at handling various exhaust-related issues of different car models. The availability of state-of-the-art machinery and OE-grade spares help us provide efficient exhaust services Andover, Hampshire.

Signs of a faulty car exhaust

Engine and car cabin reek of burnt fuel

A leak in the exhaust pipe will result in a nasty odour in the car cabin and a burning smell from the engine when you lift the hood.

Engine misfire

A clogged catalytic converter will hamper the exhaust’s ability to filter and release toxic gases. It can lead to engine misfires.

Rattling noise

Strange noises such as hissing, thudding, rattling or banging from under the car or the chassis indicate a faulty car exhaust system. It could be a hanging exhaust pipe, damaged silencer, leaking manifold, etc.

Reduced fuel economy

Worn-out exhaust adversely affects the overall engine performance. Thus, the engine requires more fuel to perform.

White and blue smoke

Issues in the car engine may produce blue smoke due to burnt oil in the exhaust system. However, seeing white smoke is common. But if it continues for an extended period, it can indicate an internal coolant leak that may result in burnt antifreeze.

If you reside anywhere in or around Andover and notice any sign of a faltering exhaust system, conclude your search for ‘exhaust service near me’ with Mr Tyres Andover.

Our exhaust service

When you visit us for professional exhaust servicing Andover, Hampshire, our in-house experts first inspect your car’s exhaust system. They will check for any rust, damage or corrosion in the following exhaust components:

  • Catalytic converter
  • Tailpipe
  • Resonator assemblies
  • Manifold gasket
  • Oxygen sensors
  • Silencer and more

Once they identify the underlying issues, they will offer the best solutions.

Our experts will replace the faulty components with OE-grade spares to ensure durability and efficiency. You can opt for a complete exhaust replacement if that is what is needed.

So, if your car exhaust system has been showing trouble lately, book your timely visit to our repair shop to get a thorough evaluation done by our experts. You can book us on 01264 339187, via email at mrtyresandover@hotmail.co.uk and even online!