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Are you looking for Summer Check for your vehicle?

It is vital to opt for a comprehensive summer check to make your vehicle ready for the challenges of driving on the heated tracks of the summer months.

A detailed summer check-up is essential to avoid unexpected breakdowns and ensure optimal driving experience in summer.

If you are looking for summer check Andover, Hampshire, Mr Tyre Andover is the place to be.

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We have years of experience providing summer vehicular services for all makes and models.

Our well-versed technicians employ best-in-class tools to ensure accurate and effective services.

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A detailed overview of our summer check Andover, Hampshire

Our experts will inspect the internal and external components of the vehicle using the industry-best tools.

Moreover, they cater to all underlying damages with prompt repair and replacements. The services included in our summer check Andover, Hampshire include:

Air-con checks

Our experts will inspect various components of the aircon system, such as the condenser, compressor etc.

In addition, our experts provide refrigerant refills in case the level is below the recommended mark.

Engine oil

The engine oil level in your car can drop from the manufacturer's recommended level. It can result in significant engine damage.

As a result, you should have your engine oil checked regularly and, if necessary, refilled.

Battery inspection

We will inspect the charging system, wires, cables, terminals etc., to get a better idea of the car battery condition.

Finding any underlying issues, we will offer cost-effective replacements with OE-grade spares. Moreover, if we needed, we will top up the battery fluid.

Tyres check

Enjoy excellent driving comfort on hot summer roads by equipping your vehicle with the proper seasonal tyres.

Following that, we will determine whether the tread depth on your car tyres meets legal requirements.

If we discover that the tyres installed in your vehicle have less air than the optimum level, we will notify you and recommend a replacement. You can install a summer variant from our collection.

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