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Here is more about tyre size.

About tyre size

Understanding the alphanumeric tyre size code can be confusing; hence we have provided a detailed overview of the tyre size code to make you aware of its meaning.

It will help you select the right set of tyres from our portal that meets your budget and driving requirements.

Following are the components of a tyre size: 175/70/R13 82T:

175: These digits represent tyre width in millimetres.

70: This is the aspect ratio or a profile of a tyre. In simple words, aspect ratio is the profile height of a tyre, measured in percentage to the tyre width.

R: Letter R signifies the radial construction of a particular tyre. The other two types are Bias Belt (B) and Diagonal Cross Ply (D).

13: The next digits denote the wheel diameter, represented in inches.

82: This is the load index of a tyre. It is the maximum load that a tyre can withhold when inflated fully. It ranges from 60 to 129.

T: This is the maximum speed that a fully inflated tyre can sustain. It is represented in the form of an alphabet and ranges between A1 to Y. Here T means this model has a maximum speed of 118 mph.

Note: For vehicle-specific instructions, refer to the car's owner manuals.

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